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Nails And Cuticles Fitness Oil - Cuticle Oil

Nails And Cuticles Fitness Oil - Cuticle Oil

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VAT Included

New generation of wellness oil with anti-age effect. Vitamins E, F and micronized vegetable oils moisturize, nourish, protect and renew the nails and cuticles.

Ideal for people who suffer from hangnails or cuticle wounds.


This oil absorbs quickly and protects the nail plate. The oil tightens the cuticle lipid and keratin film for healthier nails and cuticles.
Formulated with a proprietary aldehyde (restructuring element) that has been clinically tested against allergies.


  • Instruction Faby Nail & Cuticles Fitness Oil.

    Apply every morning to protect the skin and nails from drying out and every evening to promote regenerative physiological processes. If necessary, repeat the treatment several times a day.

    After several weeks of regular use, the nails are visibly renewed, stronger and more elastic, so that they are less likely to break.


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