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Hi, I am Astrid de kort, after living in Down Under for 29 years, I am back in the cold little country where I was born. My ties with Australia are very strong, my children Lauren and Brendan still live there. After many years in the plant, clothing and makeup industry, I remigrated from Sydney to The Netherlands in 2016 after an almost completed study in Podiatry for love. In 2018, after studying pedicure and medical pedicure, I started aPure Studio.


The mission of aPure Studio is to provide high-quality (foot) treatments with trendy organic and Australian products.

Our high quality of services and products is written in capital letters. We have a lot of attention for you as a person and for your treatment in particular. aPure Studio offers you, in a warm and easily accessible ground floor studio, a high-quality cosmetic or medical podiatry treatment with beautiful products. Because we are convinced of the beneficial effect of Tea tree oil, we have chosen the Courtin brand in the Netherlands. All Courtin products contain the Australian miracle remedy Tea Tree oil. This oil is made from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia plant. We are proud that we can work with this Dutch brand.


In addition, aPure Studio has a beautiful spray tan space where you can tan with Australian tan beautifully and without the sun. Many of our products come from Australia or contain Australian ingredients.


For our Spray Tans we have a collaboration with the Australian company "Naked Tan Australia". A Wash ‘N’ Wear spray tan in 2 hours!

This Spray Tan solution is vegan and composed of organic ingredients. We also have a delicious Shea butter and many other products that we use in our studio. All products are of course also available in our webshop.


We would like to invite you to visit aPure Studio. Are you calling us for an appointment?

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