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Smoothing Base Coat

Smoothing Base Coat

VAT Included

Smoothing Base Coat is a base coat with a high concentration of minerals. These minerals provide a filling effect that fills in imperfections and hides imperfections. This ensures that you get an even result. Contains vitamins E and C.

Suitable for: ribbed nails or people who like to wear nude or light colors.


100% vegan, not tested on animals and free from harmful substances.

  • Faby Smoothing Base Coat

    The Smoothing Base Coat gives a natural satin finish and hides yellowed nails. The base coat keeps the nails young and prevents aging thanks to the plant and vitamin complex with antioxidants and a cell-renewing effect.


    Anti-age base with filling effect, perfect for weak or yellowed nails. An innovative plant complex and a vitamin cocktail help keep nails young and prevent premature aging, while the mineral particles of the vitamins correct imperfections, ridges and yellowing. The base coat protects the nail plate against stains and discoloration. In addition, it improves the adhesion of nail polish, extends the wear time and this base coat reduces the risk of the nail polish coming off.

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